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WindTracker and WindLogger comparison / difference

LeWL WindLogger Vs WindTracker

Logic Energy’s WindLogger (LeWL) and WindTracker are compact, self-contained and robust loggers both designed for wind data collection and recording. They are used for small scale wind turbine site assessment up to around 15 metres hub height. The devices are broadly similar in function, but differ in terms of:

  • Wind data calculation and manipulation
  • Wind data recording and presentation


LeWL WindLogger

The WindLogger can be configured for different recording intervals and anemometers, and gives a complete timestamped data set for use in analysis software. The WindLogger comes with simple report and analysis software and spreadsheet, but other analysis software can also be used.

The main features are:

  • Recording intervals of 1 minute or 10 minutes.
  • Records data for 2 anemometers (speed) and 1 wind vane (direction).
  • Time-stamped data for each interval includes average, maximum, and standard deviation of wind speed; average wind direction; and internal temperature.
  • Data stored on SD memory card in standard CSV data file, suitable for import into spreadsheet or wind analysis software.
  • Logger comes with SD card, and contains setup software, user guide and analysis tools.
  • Logger can be configured from PC using a setup utility or serial port terminal.



The WindTracker is a simple but effective wind data logger that requires very little setup and allows you to generate a wind data report with minimum effort.

The main features are:

  • Measures speed and direction for 1 anemometer and 1 wind vane.
  • Continuously samples speed/direction. Updates internal statistics each hour.
  • Writes current data to SD memory card on demand (insert the card to get new data). Each wind report contains a summary of the site wind profile for the entire monitoring period.
  • Wind data summary is stored in a compact file that can be uploaded to the wind report generator on the Logic Energy website to create a graphical wind report.
  • Wind report data includes:
    • Average wind speed.
    • Wind Speed Frequency Distribution – shows how often the wind speed wind reaches specific values (12 speed bands/bins from 2 to 13+ m/s).
    • Average wind direction for each wind speed band (based on 16 direction bins).
    • WindTracker comes with SD memory card and contains instructions. SD card is just used to configure the device and collect wind data, and should not be permanently left in the device.

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